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Landscape Maintenance

Complete Landsculpture consistently delivers the total package to our clients. Started in 1985 it has grown into one of the largest, most recognized landscape maintenance firms serving commercial and residential clients in Texas and Oklahoma, with select projects in neighboring states. Learn more about our award-winning team and why our clients are fanatics!

We offer expertise, experience, and professionalism, truly the Complete approach, to residential and commercial landscape and outdoor living environments; helping you realize your vision and maintain a beautiful outdoor atmosphere.

We are locally owned and have been operating since 1985. You can expect:

Executive Team

Landscape Maintenance 1

Chris Strempek

President & Founder

As President, CEO, Founder, and co-owner of Complete Landsculpture, Chris has earned the respect of homeowners and business owners alike. Using his background in real estate and finance, which he studied at the University of North Texas, he took his entrepreneurial motivation and established Complete Landsculpture. He oversees the strategic vision and direction of Complete Landsculpture. When he’s not in the office he’s spending time with his family or outdoor activities!

Gene Freeman

Co-owner & Vice President

Gene Freeman is the Vice President and co-owner of Complete Landsculpture, and is responsible for developing a strong team atmosphere which allows us to continuously deliver great service. With nearly 30 years in the industry, he brings new and creative ideas that improve the company’s efficiency, quality, and originality. His comprehensive approach to landscape makes fulfilling visions and exceeding expectations more inspiring with each project he completes. Outside of work you’ll find him with his family or golfing with friends!

Landscape Maintenance 2
Landscape Maintenance 3

Jennifer Freeman

Senior director of finance & Business Operations

Jennifer Freeman joined Complete Landsculpture in 2000 as Controller. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Texas at Dallas and now oversees the accounting and customer service teams and manages and audits all of the financials in the company. Her vast experience in managing collections and other corporate endeavors has permitted the rest of the team to focus on providing excellent customer service. When she can get away from work, she loves to vacation with her family and is currently serving as the President of the National Board for Texas Tech Parents Association.

Jorge Burbano de Lara

Director of Landscape & Construction

Jorge started his career in the landscape industry 20 years ago after receiving formal education in Agricultural Engineering combined with a Master in Business Administration. His professional experience includes roles in estimating, purchasing, field construction, project management, business development and human resources. He joined the Complete Landsculpture team of Texas in 2008 and oversees all construction operations as Construction Division Manager. As a member of the Executive Leadership Team he contributes to the analysis of company operations, culture and financial results. When he’s not in the office he’s spending time with his family, playing soccer, or taking flying lessons.

Landscape Maintenance 4
Landscape Maintenance 5

Ted Lapoma

OKC General Manager

Ted joined the Complete Landsculpture team in 1998 and has been the general manager of the OKC division for 19 years. Before joining the team Ted was gaining experience as a sales rep and manager in residential and commercial products. His specialty areas include setting and maintaining quarterly/annual budgets for the office, creating a safe work environment, employee training, setting schedules for landscape and irrigation crews as well as many areas of design, varying from installation to working with engineers and architects to achieve the desired goals. He also has experience leading irrigation and drainage classes with industry leaders like Toro and Hunter Industries, ALCA Management courses, and OSHA regulations. He has been married for 30 years and loves to spend time with his 5 granddaughters, golfing, and fishing.

Affiliations & Awards

Our History

Complete Landsculpture’s primary goal has always been to exceed each client’s expectation every time. This philosophy was a key to our 1998 expansion to the Oklahoma City market area. Once again, our happy clients from Texas had business service needs that required and prompted an opening of our Oklahoma offices in August 1998. We continue servicing both the Oklahoma City and Tulsa surrounding communities successfully.

Based in Dallas, we have served the tri-state areas of Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana successfully over the years. The experience gained from multiple locations gives Complete Landsculpture a comprehensive advantage in implementing popular trends and a vast range of techniques used in creating your Complete Outdoor Experience.

In July 2008, Complete Landsculpture moved into our dream location in the heart of Dallas. We designed and developed our headquarters on nine acres of land adjoining a 20-acre lake and surrounding wooded parkland. The new facilities include business advancements for both clients and employees alike.

Our 10,000-square-foot office and design center will make the interaction and design process truly unique and rewarding, as you will see many options, materials, and technologies under one roof like never before. All of this will help clients see ALL the possibilities and remove any anxieties they may have. The design studio and photo gallery displayed will certainly leave a lasting impression for any visitor as well.

The production facility is state-of-the-art, complete with training facilities, greenhouses, kitchen areas, lockers, showers, and on-site fuel stations. The vehicles, equipment, uniforms, and facilities are top-of-the-line for our team of specialists to implement their specific duties. This makes for a great work environment that motivates our team daily to achieve more.

We value and appreciate everyone that has helped make many dreams come true for both our customers and staff here at Complete Landsculpture.